What we offer

Our lawyers are comfortable being ahead of the curve. We stay current on legal and policy issues that are important to our clients to be able to offer practical, relevant and exceptional legal services.

Privacy Law

Around the world, privacy legislation is adapting to the realities of an increasing demand for personal information to power emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence. The balance between innovation and respect for privacy is not just a matter of legal compliance, but is also a core corporate value and competitive advantage. 

We are leading privacy lawyers with a keen appreciation for the complexity of data. We bring to our clients a profound understanding of the law as well as insights from data protection policy, ethics and a deep understanding of the commercial imperatives to use data for innovation.

Cybersecurity Preparedness and Data Breach Response

Loss from cybersecurity breaches has been valued at over $45 billion annually. Data are as much an asset to today’s organizations as they are a liability. In Canada as well as in various jurisdictions around the world, a cyber attack can trigger an obligation to notify affected individuals and regulators. In addition to data protection regulation, organizations seek to maintain a trusted relationship with their key stakeholders including customers, employees and shareholders. A cyber attack can erode public trust and cause enormous reputational harm. 

INQ lawyers work with our clients to provide a tailored and comprehensive cyber plan, our Cyber Breach Protocol which prepares and socializes clients for a breach of any size.

When a breach does occur, we serve as Breach Stewards, or external trusted advisors familiar with and ready to execute the Cyber Response Protocol. 

Data Governance

Our lawyers bring deep expertise in advising on complex data sharing arrangements. We have worked with our clients to structure creative data sharing infrastructure to enable innovation without compromising the protection of personal information. We combine decades of experience in corporate commercial law and significant expertise in privacy law to offer tailored and creative approaches to our clients’ needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is having a profound impact on all aspects of our society. As organizations scramble to extract valuable insights from their data, they are turning to sophisticated predictive systems to identify new opportunities, streamline processes, reduce operational inefficiencies and demonstrate next generation innovation. 

AI technology, with all its tremendous potential, suffers from a trust deficit and operates within a rapidly shifting regulatory environment. Organizations seeking to experiment with and adopt AI technologies are understandably cautious as they explore, invest in and use their data. 

INQ Data Law combines high-level expertise in AI law and policy. INQ Data Lawyers have advised governments, Fortune 500 companies, public sector organizations and start-ups on the legal opportunities and risks associated with AI adoption. INQ lawyers are proud to be at the forefront of this new and rapidly developing area of law.